The HOTTEST boy in my class—-no!!!!—-my GRADE is Mac Jenkins. He is soooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!! He’s got shaggy brown hair, brown eyes, glasses :), and a mustache 🙂 ;). oh, and he’s sooooooooooo funny!!!! Only problem: sometimes he’s nice to me, joking and making me laugh ♥ but other times, since he’s one of the popular boys, he’s such a jerk!!!! hmm, Mac, hormonal much? Go take a Midol!

anyway, i need ADVICE!!!! just a small sample of the advice i’ve already gotten:

Kelsey:”Be friends before you’re bf/gf. Oh, and don’t be yourself. Cuz you’re weird.”

Olivia: “Be yourself.”

Mrs. Oliver:     (LUV HER!!!!!!!!!!) “Don’t date boys until you’re thirty, and even then they’re still weird.”


anyway, i was crying in class the other day cuz my frenemy, ana, was going through my stuff, and she found a list of like, all the ways i dream that he’ll ask me out. I told her to give it back but she kept reading it anyway!!!!!!

and Ms. Rentie, my teacher, goes, “Kela, can i see that please?”

Guess what i did?

I started crying.

So everyone’s staring at me, and i just sat there, because NO WAY is anyone going to see that.

so i went over to her desk, and long story short, she didn’t read it.

But now I’m embarrassed in front of  everybody, even though Mac was gone that day.

Ok so now I sit next to him in P.E. b/c I was talking with my friend, then I got moved, then I was talking with my OTHER friend, so my gym teacher goes, “Ian, scoot back, please” and Ian sits right behind Mac!!!!!

everyone started laughing for like 10 minutes, and he’s slapping the floor and going, “NO!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

I really didn’t know I made it that obvious. I mean, I knew he knew, but I didn’t know all my other classmates did!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, i need advice. Post comments plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


heartbroken kela </3